Luis F. Alvarez
SAP Logistics and Enable Now Consultant
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SAP Enable Now: keys to knowledge transfer

In recent years, organizations are involved in a digital transformation where new technologies and business processes change rapidly.

To increase productivity, employee's engagement is essential for developing high skill levels which can only be achieved through digital and continuous training.

Enable Now is SAP's solution to manage all aspects of knowledge transfer combining E-learning authoring tools and content management.

The problem

According to Gartner "the successs or failure of a major software deployment or upgrade has direct correlation with the training provided". Other studies suggest that 70% of adults prefer to learn on-the-job.

The high amount of information presented to the user can be overwhelming so a new approach is required to capture digital content and transform this knowledge into a rich experience.

The methodology

SAP Enable Now simplifies the creation of training content with a methodology based on the following pillars:

  • Single source: one application recording (SAP and non-SAP) can automatically generate different output formats including simulation, documentation, desktop assistant, test script.

  • Automatic localization: the same recording can be translated automatically in different languages.
  • Template-based: uniform and consistent output adapted to Corporate identity.
  • Multimodal: output can be repackaged for different learning scenarios in the classroom, e-learning or on-the-job support including in-application help.

The solution includes the following applications:

  • Producer: create, edit, enhance and publish application recordings as simulations or quizzes.
  • Instant Producer: wizard-driven subset functionality to quickly capture recordings that will be later edited in Producer.
  • Desktop Assistant: pushes on-screen help that guides the user step-by-step to carry out a particular process.
  • Web Assistant: part of the Fiori framework for easy access to prebuilt and embedded S/4 HANA content including context help and task tutorials.
  • Manager: cloud-based central tool for content management, end-user access to learning content and progress tracking.

The results

Training is a key component in transforming any business but often organizations rely on ill-conceived alternatives such as text editors and presentation software.

The SAP Enable Now solution uses a variety of methods to make the learning experience richer and more versatile. As a result learners are more engaged and motivated and therefore can reach their goals faster. The main benefits are:

  • Education and training: end-to-end solution for both SAP and non-SAP applications.
  • IT Management: reduction in first-level helpdesk support.
  • Executive: lower TCO by training faster and more effectively, accelerated ROI from employee's increased satisfaction and productivy.
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